Sunday, May 25, 2014

Page a Day: Two Hundred Thirty One

            “And it seems the White Swarm is not yet done with me,” the warlord said. “This was the only way they could keep me alive. They say it requires a great deal of energy, because my body cannot support itself.”

            “You fell in battle,” I said, remembering Kasora and its siege.

            “The master of the nightwind is also kept alive by his machines. He was injured, I suppose, very long ago. More and more, we become each other’s counterpart.”

            I had no answer to that. “But I fell,” I said, remembering. “My mastodon was killed, you were twice cut in half, and I watched Marcus fall as I did. Then one of the Augers put a foot across my chest, and was going to impale me with his weapon. The city was on fire.”

            “You remember nothing more?”

            I shook my head. “I think he did it. Impaled me, I mean. I remember great pain in my chest, and then I could not breathe enough, and everything was dark and cold. But I am not certain.”

            He nodded again. “You may remember soon.”

            “Where is Marcus?” I felt that he and I had travelled far together. “I would like to see him, at least.”

            Jerem Cozak shook his head. “The khrall cleaved his skull in two. From that injury, there is no return.” He frowned.

            I thought for a moment. “Then how will the Neverborn fight on? He was a center of their consciousness. Were they also destroyed?”

            He smiled, then, easier and more fully than I remembered him doing. “They are all quite well. Nearly all of them survived the battle and the fire. And they will soon find another center.”

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