Monday, May 5, 2014

Page a Day: Two Hundred Fourteen

            And it’s all together, right? You finish up your time with the quicksword, you cross the quad to learn what we call the bolter or lightgun. Different areas, but it’s all made to work together, specialties cooperating in defensive force. So I look at Thaeron and I see: valkyrie, heatwhip, quicksword, each housed in terrain best suitable for its operation. This cannot be coincidence. Thaeron was a training world for the military of the entire Profusion, and it was made to work as one.”

            He scowled. My words were not incidental. If he was who I thought he was, the notion of unity would not be lost on him.  

            “It may be as you say,” he said. “I do not see what obtains from this.”

            I frowned. “Let me ask you another question. These famous Arks of Kasora, these closed during the time you call the Wars Between the Cities. Anything else go quiet about that time?”

            He shrugged. “Many weapons and resources were exhausted. In Nogilia, whole cities were destroyed.”

            “And in Ariel, the Well that healed the first Faith, that went quiet not long after he had found it, yes? And he was the one who ended the wars.”

            He nodded, squinting, clearly puzzled.

            “What I mean is, was there once a Healing Well in Kasora as well? One that would have ceased working about that time?”

            “The legends say there once was, yes. But what are you driving at, woman?”

            I shrugged.  “I can’t say, exactly. But your whole damned world runs by machines. Wouldn’t it make sense if many of them worked together, like the machines that came to help us from the deep?”

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