Friday, May 9, 2008

The Purpose of this Blog

Public Insight Journalism is a new approach to journalism that recognizes the need for journalists to expand their decisions about what is and what is not news. The main resource of Public Insight Journalism is its intendend audience. And what the audience gets to decide is what it wants to know about.

I am not a journalist. And I am not separate from the public. But I do want to know everything you're curious about. I want to find the answers to your questions. And I want to share my discoveries with you, as concisely and as thoroughly as I can. I promise to be objective, not because my answers will be without perspective, but because nothing will unduly sway it. I have no ties to corporations or the government. I am not subject to a media cycle or the whims of a mass audience.

I am only subject to you.

So ask. Ask me anything. Ask me anything you want to know or think you should. Ask me what you don't have the time to look into. Ask me how to understand your refrigerator. Ask me what's really going on in Darfur. Ask me about local legislation, or candidate platforms. Ask me how to make a kite.

I will find out for you as well as I can. And as soon as I can. I'll get back to you within a few hours or days.

We deserve to name the truth we want to know.

Thank you.