Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wikicreedia Is Happening!

Well, everyone, after a productive and encouraging meeting this afternoon, it looks like we have the technology; Wikicreedia is on its way!

What we need to do, concerned citizens and clergy, is meet to talk about the first steps, secondary thoughts, and real vision we want to bring to Wikicreedia.

In other words, it's time for the Wikicreedia Steering Committee. And by my adamant and inflexible timeline, we should meet at least once in August, so we can actually get underway in September. Possible issues for the meeting include:

What Should be On the First Page?
Should Wikicreedia's Timeline Be Changed?
Who Gets Access, Editing, and When?
What is the Role of the Clergy in Wikicreedia?
Should Wikicreedia Address the Technology Gap?
Statement or Story? Style?
When Should We Meet Again?

And of course, any issues you bring yourselves. If you've read to the bottom of this, by the way, you're officially nominated to participate. And you're more than welcome to invite someone else. If I can't get at least four people, I'll come around and nominate you personally. Possibly with Aron as backup.

The thread attached to this is in my mind's eye the place where we agree on a time and date to meet. I'll start by proposing we meet at Gethsemane the second Tuesday in August, 7:00 PM. One Hour.

You can reject this, but only if you have something different to offer. So have at it!

And Thank You, So Much, for The Interest!

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Monica said...

I can't make that one. I'd suggest 3rd Thurs eve or 4th Sat morning.