Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Old School: Rev.Stanley S. Kilbourne

"And in the dream I knew that he was goin' on ahead. And he was fixin' to make a fire somewhere out there in all that dark and all that cold, and I knew that whenever I got there, he would be there..."
- No Country for Old Men

The Rev. Stanley S. Kilbourne, already being well established in Minneapolis, did not require the parish house on being installed as Gethsemane's sixth rector, and so freed that property to be rented and sold. Kilbourne saw the congregation through the difficult times of the First World War, the influenza epidemic, and the later recession and recovery. Throughout, he did not allow the work of the church to diminish, seeing the "Tuesday Night Club" installed to teach literature, French, piano, and other cultural subjects. More, the year 1920 saw Gethsemane free from its long-standing debts.

It was with great reluctance that Gethsemane accepted his resignation the following year, as he took a post at St. Peter's in New York.

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