Thursday, December 19, 2013

Page a Day: One Hundred Thirty Five

             All three men turned and looked at me at once. I stepped forward. I told them about my vision. As I spoke, Jerem Cozak’s face fell. 
             “Something’s coming,” I said to him, to them all. “I do not know what it is. But I think you do.”
            Jerem Cozak lowered his eyes. He came beside me and spoke almost in a whisper. I do not think Julius or Nogilian heard, because they had started arguing among themselves. “I am no longer my own head,” he said. “I misunderstand the Swarm. I’ve asked them to take the dreams away.”
            “Oh,” I said, and waited. “How long? How long has it been?”
            “While you recovered after the battle for the Profuse Hand. I’ll lead no more men astray.”
            “And when did the visions stop?”
            When he shook his head I smiled. “They didn’t,” I said.  
            Our warlord sighed. “They have increased. The White Swarm has never cared for the desires of men, only for our victory. They know what’s coming, and so do you. She was not the only vision that you had.”
             I shook my head. “That was a nightmare.”
            “They are the nightmare, and we cannot stop them.” His eyes met my own.
            “But that doesn’t make any sense,” I said. “I dreamed them. I imagined them, just as I dreamed my dead lover.”
            He shook his head again and looked away, to where Julius and Nogilian argued, their faces a breath apart. Julius drew back his hand, and I feared he was going to strike.
            “Men,” said Jerem Cozak, spreading his arms. “Captains, be at peace. The soldiers look to you. They listen to you.”
            And I looked and saw that it was true. Every head and face, every pair of eyes, fell upon our scene at the bow. The light breeze would not have been enough to drown out the shouting.
            Julius scowled. “Madness! He will not listen to reason! He is worse than her!”

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