Thursday, May 9, 2013

Page a Day: Nineteen

I knew Cratyus and Meno by their position, and their frequent contact with me, but I had too often confused them nonetheless. Marcus I knew because he always wore his armor, and because he took double watches every night. He has said that this should be the custom of each officer. 
            “When Meno attacked the smilodon,” I asked. “Was he trying to protect me, or trying to reach his fallen kin?”
            Marcus paused, squinting. I think I finally managed to surprise him. “We are all already dead,” he said. “Yet no one knows it. We are one body.”
            I inclined my head toward the sparer form of Jerem Cozak, kneeling at the next fire. “I believe he would disagree that you are dead. And I know you listen to him. Why was Meno trying to protect me? I have been useless on this march.”
            The man look at me gravely, “We are the body of Jerem Cozak, who is his own head. He knows us better than ourselves.”      
            I nodded as though I understood. “Do you come from the valley of my city? I am ignorant, because I could not be with you when you all came together.”
            His face became more serious. “What is that to you?”
            “The machines of the White Swarm speak with you.”
            He shook his head, and pointed to the same place I had. “They have spoken. He is what they said.”
            “I don’t think you’re from the city,” I tried again, “I think they all gathered at the Temple. But I don’t think you know where you’re from, either.”
            “He told us you were orphaned. It is where we go that matters.”

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