Sunday, May 31, 2009

Notice: Summer Hiatus

Well, people, I've finally cracked. With my transfer from Me University to Luther Seminary well underway, I'm hiatusing this blog to spend the summer focusing on my two friggin' novels and that television script you've never heard about, as well as a probable class on Atonement Theory at the church.

Oh yes, dear readers, I have other interests! I may or may not take the opportunity to share serialized versions of one of those mentioned novels here, as they are in fact religiously-themed works. I'll have to think about how proprietary I actually feel.

Meantime, I wholeheartedly apologize to the spring semester. I did the readings, but never had time to jot down my notes. Perhaps, when I'm taking notes and writing papers for official credit, the posting will come easier.

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brd said...

I hope your vacation is a good one. We will miss your curious blog thoughts!