Thursday, January 8, 2009

Qur'an: Help

A Medinan sura said to be one of the last revelations the Prophet received before his death.

In the name of God, the Lord of Mercy, the Giver of Mercy

When God's help comes and He opens up your way, when you see people embracing God's faith in crowds, celebrate the praise of your Lord and ask forgiveness: He is always ready to accept repentance.

*Ah, I see that this may have been about the surrender of Medina to the Prophet. With this is mind, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that, popular misconceptions aside, the Prophet is not the Jesus of Islam. I've heard that it's much more like the Qur'an is the Jesus of Islam. Yet that leaves the Prophet without comparison, which is no doubt the pont. Nonetheless, a better simile perhaps is that the Prophet is not perhaps not unlike the David of the Old Testament/Torah? Though obviously in a much more unique role. Discuss.


Anonymous said...

Muslims believe that the first Prophet (teacher of wisdom/messenger of God) was Prophet Adam (pbuh). Prophet Jesus (pbuh) and Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) are part of a long line of Prophets (both biblical and non-biblical)

The Quran says there is no distinction between Prophets---one is not "superior" to another---however, some have been more favored/blessed (with wisdom) than others and this means they also have more responsibility than others.

(This idea of blessing / responsibility applies to ordinary people as well---for example although all people are created equal, some have been blessed with more wealth than others---with this blessing comes the responsibility of taking care of those in need in society.)

Anne G G said...

As I read about curiousmonk's reading of the Qu'ran, I appreciate your insights, "anonymous." You cast a lot of light.

Curious Monk said...

my idea for blogging the qur'an came from here:

where a secular and utterly uninformed jew blogged through a reading of the old testament. his perspectives were fresh and understandable. both his questions and the answers he received said a lot about the text itself, i thought.

kat said...

Thanks Anne
I am trying not to spoil the fun for curious monk by saying too much.

Curious Monk said...

doing just fine so far!

the point, though, is not that i remain an ignoramous, but perhaps that expertise comes in response to a neophyte's concerns- and in ways that anyone can understand.

i think sometimes that the problems between religions come not because there are different religions, but that those inside religious traditions have so many problems explaining what's going on to those outside of them.

so i really appreciate what anonymous is doing so far!