Sunday, December 7, 2008

Qur'an: Daybreak

Another invocation against evil: seek refuge with the Lord of daybreak against the harm in creation, harm in the night, harm in witches who blow on knots*, and the harm in envy.

(*to cast spells)

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Anonymous said...

In the name of God the most compassionate, the most merciful.

1.Say: I seek refuge with the Lord of the Dawn
2.From the mischeif of created things
3.From the mischief of darkness as it overspreads
4.From the mischief of those who blow on knots

Here again the concept of God the creator of nature is introduced. Another concept is the play on dawn(light/coming of guidance) and darkness(ignorance).
"those who blow on knots" means people who use "divination" and such "arts" to create fear and mischief.--In other surahs this concept will be elaborated on---that is, one should not rely on superstitions but rely on God.