Thursday, June 12, 2008

Does Mormonism Have Extraterrestrial Origins?

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, commonly known as Mormonism, makes no claim to extraterrestrial origin. Rather, Mormons believe that the message of Jesus Christ has been present since the origin of creation. It has appeared and reappeared throughout history, with each period seein a rise and decline of acceptance of the message.

Most pertinently, Mormons believe that the message of Christ came to the Americas in the time of 2700 BCE until 420 CE in the form of Jesus and a consequent apostolic movement. The American prophets and apostles also produced writings on the message and life of Christ. These were preserved miraculously on golden plates and given to Joseph Smith, Jr. by the Angel Moroni. Under the insipration of the Holy Spirit, he transated these documents into English.

The word Mormon itself comes from the name of the 4th Century prophet credited with compiling most of the original writings.

The popular American religion which does have extraterrestrial origins is the Church of Scientology, which believes the human beings house immortal sprits called "thetan" which have been subjected to trillions of years of trauma, including injuries inflicted by extraterrestrial dictatorship.

Scientology has run into repeated conficts with the United States and other governments, has been repeatedly challenged as an extravagent pyramid scam with brutal internal policies, and might well have been invented by founder L. Ron Hubbard entirely on a dare.

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